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  Shopping Centre lighting
LED Lighting, News ArticleIn this brief shopping centre video we touch on the design, Eskom rebates, aesthetics, as well as the product quality selection aspects involved. As with any successful project close collaboration is required with the various stake holders. In this case working with the owners of the shopping centre as well as centre management to understand their lighting strategy and budget is key.
  Highbay Lighting
LED Lighting, News ArticleThis LED installation took place in a warehouse in Johannesburg alongside Sodium vapour lights, in order to clearly illustrate the difference between the two. The lux levels improved dramatically in the space, with the LED illuminated area appearing much brighter. Our LED solution used has a 5 year guarantee and IP67 rating so it can be pressure washed for workshop type environments.
  Full LED Service Station
LED Lighting, News ArticleService stations stay open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning the lighting used needs to be of excellent quality and durability. LED technology was installed into the retail store and the exterior of a Caltex petrol station in Cape Town, making it the first full LED service station in South Africa.
  Lighting up District Six Night Shelter
LED Lighting, News ArticleOur recent Corporate Social Investment Project was to brighten up a local night shelter, providing them with security lighting as well some colourful ambient lighting to brighten the environment. The District Six Haven Night Shelter, was installed with our FRT5 natural white LED strips in the kitchen, office and storage areas, which were previously badly lit. The outside area is now also illuminated with our HB natural white lights, creating a more welcoming entrance. We also installed colourful lighting in the dining/communal area. The aim was to bring a sense of warmth and comfort to the shelter, allowing residents to feel more at home. To view a short video clip of our installation at District Six Haven Night Shelter click the image above.
  Digital Lighting
LED Lighting, News ArticleLighting fixtures and systems available today are relatively unintelligent and require user input to adjust (the lighting) to specific requirements. As we move from Analogue Lighting to Digital Lighting to save energy there is far greater scope to develop more intelligent lighting to harmonise living environments. Furthermore, new intelligent lighting solutions surpasses what is currently available with most Home or Office Management systems; offering functionality that can double the energy saved with a marginal increase in the upfront cost.
  Eskom can help you lighten your load
LED Lighting, News ArticleAs part of the effort to avert a looming crisis, Eskom offers a variety of funding methods for businesses wanting to reduce energy consumption. One of types of light that Eskom is particularly eager to get out of the system is the 50w halogen downlighter, which can be replaced with a much more efficient LED that can save as much as 86% of the energy consumed. With over 30 million in use across the country, this is a lot of energy that can be saved.
  Change your lighting without changing your light bulbs.
LED Lighting, News ArticleThe experience of shopping for fresh fruit, frozen vegetables or fashion is slowly revolutionising itself and we largely have a change in lighting to thank for this Ė namely LED lighting. The popular metal halide light, currently in use in most large stores, provides cost effective lighting installations, but when compared to LED lighting, the product falls short in that these lights generate significant heat and are slow to start up. While they can be customised, the standard halide fittings donít provide any form of flexibility.LED lighting is fast changing all of this and now offers retailers the opportunity to digitally control their own lighting.
  LEDs and Mobile Medical Clinics
LED Lighting, News ArticleMST Specialized Vehicles recently used LEDs from LED Lighting South Africa in their newly developed mobile medical clinics which will transport basic medical services to rural communities. LED 24-33W, as well as 24-33B LED strips were employed, using 2.4 Watts per metre, as well as LED round discs, using 1.92 Watts. It took just over two weeks to build and with the use of LEDís, energy efficiency was taken into consideration.
  Crystal Towers Bridge
LED Lighting, News ArticleAs portrayed in these recently photographed images, the Crystal Towers pedestrian bridge is beautifully lit up in LEDís, which were the ideal lighting choice for the bridge, when one considers their long life span and energy saving benefits. The Crystal Towers Bridge links the Crystal Towers Hotel development to the Canal Walk side of the Grand Canal.
LED Lighting, News ArticleAn important element to implementing a successful LED lighting solution is compatibility with the various automation systems available on the market. LED Lighting South Africa has developed a multi- function interface unit which can communicate with both analogue and digital control signals.
LED Lighting, News ArticleFour years ago when approaching customers in the lighting industry in South Africa, many were unfamiliar with the termí LED.Ē The emphasis in client contact was on explaining the advantages of using LEDs over neon, fluorescents or halogens for certain niche lighting applications.
LED Lighting, News ArticleLED Lighting South Africaís latest contribution to the maintenance of energy-efficient LED lighting solutions is a recent lighting project at Cape Town station. Newly renovated Cape Town Station has made good use of LED lighting technology, with a unique design and clean crisp color scheme. The project emphasizes environmental compatibility, with a modern, new and enriching urban design concept.
  LED Task Lighting at the IDC
LED Lighting, News ArticleGeneral lighting is often higher than it needs to be in order to create the required lux levels at desktop work areas in large corporations Energy is saved by reducing the general lighting with the use of task lighting such as desk lamps to focus the light to where it is most required, whilst maintaining the required lux levels at the actual workstations or desks.

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